Chapmanslade Parish Councillors

 A guide to your Chapmanslade Parish Councillors

For more information please email the Clerk of the Parish Council at:

John Lewis, Acting Chair

8 Brimhill Rise, Chapmanslade


Telephone: 01373 832875

Contact John for:


John Foster, 96 High Street, Chapmanslad


Telephone: 07901004415

Contact John for: Footpaths, Parish Plan



Philip Holihead, 65 High Street, Chapmanslade


Telephone 01373 467288

Contact Phil for: Community Speedwatch and Neibourhood Watch

Francis Morland, Rotoem, Dead Maids, Chapmanslade



Contact Francis for:




Charles Thackway



Contact Charles for:

In RemembranceAt the 10 Sept 2020 PC meeting, John Lewis reflected on the life of Keith Muston, Chair of the Council since 2017. Keith had been a life long volunteer and a stalwart in the community through his roles on the PCC, as a Parish Councillor since 2013, and more recently as a committee member of the Covid-19 Action Group. John asked those present to join in a silent reflection of Keith’s life and in keeping Marion his wife and his children Hannah and Tom in our thoughts.