Chapmanslade Parish Council Elections

Chapmanslade Parish Council

Notice of Vacancy, February 2020

See Vacancy Notice HERE


New Parish Councillor Co-opted (10 Jan 2019)

As of 21 May 2018, the Parish Council was in a position to co-opt one new member of the council following the resignation of a councillor and the electorate not calling for an election. An advertisement for the vacancy was placed on this website (see link below).

At the Chapmanslade Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 10 January 2019, Phil Jefferson was co-opted as a Parish Councillor.

Click here to read the Vacancy Notice issued by the Clerk of Chapmanslade Parish Council


Elections 2017

The planned Parish Council elections which were due to take place on Thursday 4th May 2017 along side town council elections did not take place as only six people put themselves forward to serve for the next four years.

At the PC Annual General Meeting held in the village hall on Thursday 18 May 2017, the council’s officers, including chairman, were elected unopposed.

Your Parish Councilors are therefore:

  • John Foster (new member)
  • Charlie Thackway (new member)
  • Francis Morland
  • Keith Muston (elected Chair)
  • Philip Holihead
  • John Lewis
  • The seventh vacancy was filled by the subsequent election of Charlene Searle

Click here for contact information for the above councillors