Quiz Night

Saturday 23rd April 2016
Once again this village hall annual event lived up to expectations with great organisation, wonderful food, and some difficult (some would say far too difficult) questions covering ten categories, from Pot Luck to Literature and everywhere in between.

quiz night 2016 2 copy

There were sixteen teams made up from over seventy villagers. The winning team scored a magnificent 90 points. The 'No Hopers' won the wooden spoon with a still very creditable 45 points.

quiz night 2016 1
Thank you to everyone who helped out, including our magnificent team who set the questions and calculated the scores, our MC Frank, Ken for his bar skills, and Tim for collecting money on the door and his daughter who did a smashing job of selling so many raffle tickets. The excellent food of beef pie and vegetarian tartlets was provided by our ever smiling kitchen volunteers, Wendy, Denise, Gwen and Janet.
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 All profits go to the Village Hall Fund.
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