Charlene’s Charity Sahara Dessert Trek

Charlene Ridler tells us about her recent epic trip (Apr 2019)

What an experience! Having trained very hard for nearly two months, I managed to trek with a small team of 6 through the Sahara Dessert for 4 days in 35 degree heat over sand dunes and rocks, raising money for the ‘We Hear You‘ cancer charity.

Particular highlights were climbing a 100m sand dune in the dark to watch the sun rise and getting caught in a dreadful sand storm.

It turned out to be a very emotional, as well as a physical, roller coaster. On the first night one of the team had to be rushed into hospital with severe stomach pains, ending up having an emergency operation and 2 blood transfusions, and on the second night someone had a panic attack in the tent. However, overall it was a fantastic once in a lifetime experience.

On the return trip, we travelled for 4 hours through the desert to a hotel where we stopped over night for a much welcomed shower! The following morning we transferred back to Marrakech then had another 4 / 5 hour drive through the mountains. I returned home at 3.30am on Wednesday 27 March.

Now I’m back, it looks like I may be losing both big toe nails, have painful little toes, very tired legs and feeling emotionally drained.

I’ve done all this for the fantastic ‘We Hear You‘ local charity supporting people effected by cancer and life threatening illnesses through counselling. If any of you lovely people would like to sponsor me you still have time at