Concerns that Straw along our Lanes may cause Flooding 

A number of comments have been made to both Chapamanslade and Corsley Parish Councils about the amount of straw left along local roads in the lanes joining the two villages following the recent harvest.

There is concern that this could lead to problems with drainage resulting in localised flooding now that maintenance of our drains does not appear to be carried out on a regular basis.

The straw comes from the tractors that ply the lanes carrying bales of straw.  A major contributary factor in the shedding of straw appears to be the encroachment of hedges and tree canopies onto the highways, making it very difficult for the vehicles to get through without brushing the hedges/trees.

The problem is said to be particularly bad on the lane from the post box by the Old Rectory up to the junction of Huntenhall Lane with the A3098.

The Parish Councils wish to remind landowners, both farmers and residential, that they have a responsibility to ensure that hedges and trees are cut well back from the highway – especially as the size of both farm vehicles and straw bales get ever bigger.

published 27 Sept 2019